ISGK-A is a FULLY AUTOMATIC Continuous Screw press, unique mechanical features generates efficient dewatering performances for municipal and industrial waste water sludge.

Equipment Advantages:

High Performance Type with Low Power Consumption

- The electric motor for the main drive is of an energy-saving design. Compared with other dehydrators it has a big advantage in electric consumption


Compact Design and Easy maintenance

- Light weight and simple structure results in easy operation and maintenance


No Vibration or Noise

- The rotation speed of screw shaft is normally 0.1- 2 rpm. Therefore no noise or vibration is generated and a good operating environment can be maintained.


Metallic Screen, not Filter Cloth

- Metallic Screen filter provides for a stably operation without frequent filter replacement






- Sewage sludge treatment

- Industrial waste sludge treatment

- Sedimentation sludge treatment

ISGK Screw Press
ISGK Screw Press
ISGK Screw Press
ISGK Screw Press
ISGK Screw Press