Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Antek Makina is committed to providing a safe working environment, environment and order for all personnel, contractors and visitors. It does this by taking a proactive approach to all tasks, actions and designs, taking into account health and safety protocols and the surrounding environment. Planning and evaluation are the basis of organized controlled work, occupational health safety and environmental awareness.

The culture Antek strives for in all of its projects is "We attach importance to health, safety and the environment and believe that all accidents are preventable."

In line with what we do and our activities, we are committed to supporting:

- A safe workplace

- A safety system that promotes and supports a culture of trust

- Assessment, recognition, elimination or control of hazards in the workplace

- Supervision & support of staff and customers

- Protection of training, development and skills to strengthen our commitment to identify and control health, safety and environmental issues;

- An understanding of occupational health and safety for which all personnel, subcontractors and visitors are responsible

- Provision, availability and training of personal protective equipment

- Responsibility, commitment and determination required for the success and continuation of this policy


Company Responsibility:

Antek Makina keeps health and safety at the highest level and is committed to providing a safe workplace environment. Antek promotes safe work systems and regularly audits them to measure their effectiveness.

Auditor Responsibility:

The auditors shall implement security procedures, including safety training. They will see safety as the most important factor and will stop work where unsafe conditions are observed during operation.

Personnel / Contractor Responsibility:

All personnel and contractor companies have a responsibility for the safety of themselves and others and must act immediately to notify their superiors to avoid unsafe situations. Personnel / contractors must take steps to identify hazards associated with their work, undertake occupational safety analysis and take measures to maintain a safe working system.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Impact

As Antek, we attach great importance to the protection of the environment. We aim to be environmentally conscious with environmentally friendly building designs, energy efficiency, improvements and waste reduction initiatives. We continue to be aware of emerging technologies to improve negative impacts on the environment.

Antek as an Employer

Antek is an equal opportunity company. We value our employees and their families. Supports employees and their families at all times by organizing flexible working hours. Organize social activities to develop positive relationships between employees. Antek encourages and advises all of its employees for professional development programs.

Industrial Development

Antek is a company that is aware of encouraging and supporting the mining industry. He is a member of numerous industrial associations that support and serve the metallurgical and engineering professions and the mining sector. Antek ensures that its employees participate in industrial activities and activities organized by organizations.

Public Support

Antek supports various charities in activities organized within the scope of donation and other social responsibility projects. It encourages its employees to participate in these activities. It is important for Antek to contribute and actively participate in these associations.